The Keim's

Atlee and Anna are a young, Amish family in Apple Creek Ohio. They and their four children work the land and care for their animals in the traditional, Amish way. They are not a large farm, and do not use mechanized equipment for milking. They have struggled to keep their family afloat by selling their milk on the commodity market. Your participation in this herd share means that Atlee and his family can become financially stable. Their hopes to provide their children with a viable farming future is made possible with this herd share arrangement.

About the herd 

The dairy herd is completely grass-fed, certified organic and nearly 80% A2/A2 Genetics.  Atlee and Anna have a breeding program in place that will achieve 100% A2/A2 genetics in the future.  Cows are milked by hand each day

The Schnabel's

Dustin and Erin own and operate ZOE Farms, in Canton Ohio. They believe that small, family farms are essential to maintaining a transparent, ethical and healthy food system. They have committed their sales, technical and distribution experience to help the Keim Family keep their farm. 

ZOE Farms receives ZERO proceeds from the Keim Family Herd Share.  All purchase from ZOE Farms are separate from the Keim Family Herd Share, but able to be picked up at the same locations. You may order grass-fed/finished beef, pasture-raised chicken, eggs, woodland pork and more at